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Is a Labrador or a Border Terrier Right for You?

A prospective puppy buyer needs to consider many factors before deciding on ANY breed.

The Labrador Retriever is ideal for many people due to his medium size and gentle nature. He has a strong desire to please and is easily trained. The Labrador is extremely versatile, and excels in the show ring, the field, obedience work, guide dog work, drug and explosives detection, Search and Rescue, Therapy Dog work, tracking, and as a loyal companion. A better family dog cannot be found. His short, dense coat requires infrequent bathing and brushing although he does shed. He is excellent with children, is patient to the end, and is happiest and develops his heartwarming personality to the fullest when he is part of his family. He needs moderate exercise, and as a puppy you can expect him to housebreak easily - and CHEW!

The Border Terrier remains one of the best kept secrets in the Terrier group despite the fact that he is a delightful little companion. The Border is active and gregarious without being "hyper." He is vigilent without being yappy, and unlike many terriers, he is typically not aggressive with other dogs. Borders were bred to accompany the riders and fox hounds, and after the hounds had run the fox to ground, it was the Border's job to enter the den and bolt the fox. Borders are confident, intelligent, loyal, courageous and eager to please - but they do have a mind of their own and retain strong hunting instincts so a fully fenced yard is a MUST for a Border. A home that keeps rats, guinea pigs or other small rodents as pets may not be a suitable home for a Border. Borders are athletic and excel in "go to ground" earth dog trials and they love agility. They have a harsh and somewhat wirey outer coat with a softer, short and dense undercoat which requires infrequent bathing, but does require occasional hand-stripping to maintain the classic appearance. Borders are affectionate and loving and are super little family dogs in the proper setting.

We occasionally have puppies available, although we typically do not have more than one litter per year. All of our pet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract or limited registration to approved buyers. All potential owners are screened, and we temperament test our puppies to assure the best possible match of puppy and family situation. We occasionally have older puppies or dogs available as well.

Here at Lorien - Cricket Hill, we encourage all dog owners to be RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS.

If you have done your breed research, are committed to being a responsible dog owner, and are prepared to share your life with a dog for the next 10-15 years, check out our LITTERBOX for available or upcoming litters or older puppies or dogs looking for permanent homes.




While being #1 is usually a great thing, that's not always so in the dog world. The AKC reports that again this year, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in the US, with more litters and puppies being registered with the AKC than any other breed. This fate has spelled disaster for more than one breed, because it means that there are LOTS and LOTS of puppies being bred, unfortunately many by persons who hope to cash in on the breed's popularity, but who are not always responsible, knowledgable or ethical breeders.

Our goal is for EVERY individual who purchases a puppy to have a happy, healthy dog. However, buyers of purebred dogs must be cognizant of the fact that genetics is an imperfect science. Every breed, each with its own unique characteristics that make it special, also has genetic predispositions toward certain conditions or problems. We encourage all potential buyers to fully research their breeds, be aware of the common genetic problems in any breed they consider, and to thoroughly “check out” and feel comfortable with any breeder and any guarantees they might offer before purchasing a puppy.



ALWAYS buy a purebred puppy from a reputable breeder!




While no breeder can guarantee that all of his or her puppies will be free of genetically inherited conditions, all Lorien Labradors and Border Terriers used for breeding have radiographs of their hips and elbows reviewed by a panel of Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists; their hearts examined by a Certified Veterinary Cardiologist; and their eyes examined by a Board Certified Veterinary Opthamologist - and all have been determined to be unaffected by the genetically inherited orthopedic, ocular and cardio-vascular disorders common in our breeds. The same is true of all stud dogs to which our bitches are bred. This greatly increases the likelihood that your Lorien puppy will also be clear of these problems, and is your assurance of quality and responsible breeding.

If you are ready for a puppy and think that a Labrador or a Border Terrier is right for you, Lorien Kennels offers both black and yellow Lab puppies, bred to adhere to the conformation standard and sound of health and temperament. All of our puppies are AKC registered and come with pedigrees, copies of their parent's official examination reports, a copy of the conformation standard and a health guarantee.

Now that you know some of the characteristics to look for when searching for a responsible, ethical breeder - think about the preparation and work that breeder goes through! Or, imagine what could happen if you buy a puppy from an unethical or uneducated breeder? Or maybe you have thought about breeding your own dog, but wondered if you should, or what would be involved if you did? Check it out by logging on to this VIRTUAL BREEDING experience! This step-by-step site takes you through a breeding - from the time your girl comes in season through the process of placing the puppies, and is VERY INFORMATIVE and EYE-OPENING!

Our Policies

All bitches coming into Lorien Kennels for breeding purposes must present proof of clearances for orthopedic, ocular and cardio-vascular disorders as appropriate, must be of breeding quality in our opinion, and must produce proof of being negative for canine brucellosis within 15 days of the planned breeding.

We also ship chilled semen anywhere in the US by overnight express.

While we prefer not to ship our puppies and dogs, we will do so when absolutely neccessary. We will ship on US Air, PDQ service only. All dogs and puppies will be shipped in airline approved fiberglass or plastic pet kennels. All shipping costs must be pre-paid by the purchaser prior to shipment. When shipped via air, animals ride in a special climate controlled and pressurized compartment on the plane and are not in the same compartment as the passenger luggage.

Charges for puppies will be at the published and contracted price, agreed upon in advance and paid in full before shipment or delivery unless other arrangements were made in advance as part of the services or sales contract. Payment can be either by cashier's check, money order, or by personal check. If sending a personal check, it MUST arrive at least 2 weeks prior to shipment or delivery in order to allow the check time to clear.