Lorien Kennels is committed to Responsible Dog Ownership and we recommend that all dog owners follow the

"10 Commandments of Responsible Dog Ownership"

1. Spay or neuter your pet. If you are not going to show your dog, please spay or neuter. While ALL Labradors and Borders make wonderful pets, they are not all breeding quality. Only those dogs of exceptional soundness, temperament and conformation should contribute to the gene pool. Spaying and neutering your pet affords you and your pet numerous health and social benefits. Breeding a litter is an enormous responsibility if done correctly. It will take a toll on your dog, and on you, and on your time. Please leave breeding to those who have chosen to accept that responsibility and made the commitment necessary to tBackgrounds/4lfclver.jpgry to improve the breed.

2. Tattoo or Microchip your pet! A tattoo or microchip is a painless, permanent means of identifying you pet should he become lost. Both methods are also excellent deterrents to dog theft. Quick, painless, permanent and inexpensive - show them you love them, and tattoo or microchip! Backgrounds/4lfclver.jpg

3. Supervise Your Pet! We require that all puppy buyers either have a fenced yard or commit to totally supervising their pet's outdoor activities. Dogs running at large are becoming a serious problem and this is resulting in increased anti-dog legislation popping up everywhere. While some owners seem to think that dogs need "room to run," dogs running at large are simply a nuisance. They chase or are hit by cars, get in the neighbors garbage, chase the neighbors cats, scare the neighbors or their children, torment joggers and cyclists, impregnate the neighbors bitches, leave unwanted "deposits," make your neighbors dog's bark, and risk getting into poison or traps, or getting stolen. Allowing your dog to run at large is purely and simply irresponsible behavior. Please be a responsible dog owner!

4. See that your dog receives regular medical care including immunizations and heartworm prevention or treatment.

5. Make sure that your dog receives regularly scheduled grooming care. A clean dog is a healthy dog, and often during the grooming process, early signs of skin or other medical conditions can be detected.

6. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER carry your dog in the open bed of a pick-up truck. While some may think this looks "cool" or "macho" - the fact is that it is dangerous and irresponsible behavior. Dogs in the beds of trucks run the risk of jumping or being thrown out in a sudden stop, evasive maneuver or collision, are at great risk of eye and ear injuries from flying road debris, quickly become chilled or overheated depending on the weather, suffer scorched pads in the hot summer, and are at increased risk of being stolen. Image simply isn't worth your pets health or safety. If you love him - let him ride in the cab with you!

7. Obedience Train Your Pet. With anti-dog legislation everywhere, EVERY dog becomes a canine good-will ambassador for the entire population. An obedience trained dog, with good manners and under his handler's control is priceless. For more info, check out our link to the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program, and Lorien Kennel's Obedience classes.

8. Make sure that you provide your dog with a high quality dog food that meets the minimum requirements for nutrition for his stage of life. Make sure you provide water, shade and appropriate shelter.

9. Make sure that you meet your pet's emotional needs. Pets need daily love, affection and human contact and bonding. Make sure you and your family can meet these needs before committing to a new puppy.